Finnish Spitz

AKC Group: Non-sporting

History says the Finnish Spitz originated from the Volga River area of central Russia and evolved from the tribes in Finland. The Finnish Spitz is the national dog of Finland. The Finnish Spitz displays many fox-like mannerisms and make great hunters of birds and even greater pets if properly trained.

Size: 15 to 20 inches tall; 30 to 35 pounds

Color: Red/gold; red; gold. All have white markings.

Life span: 12 to 15 years

Health problems: Cataracts, hip dysplasia or luxating patella.

Finnish Spitz are very independent, aloof dogs. They love to play and be active. They require a lot of mental and physical stimulation to avoid boredom which leads to destruction. Despite their independence, the Finnish Spitz is a loyal, devoted friend to you and especially your little ones. They may bond more to one person but still loves to be part of the family unit. He does have a sensitive nature, so keep that in mind. The Finnish Spitz get along with other pets, though they may be aggressive with dogs of the same sex and may chase smaller animals. With strangers, he’ll be aloof and reserved.

The Finnish Spitz acts and looks like a fox. They have muscular square bodies. The head flattens between the ears. They have narrow muzzles that taper to a point. The ears are set high and are erect. Their plumed tails curl up over their back. The Finnish Spitz has a double coat. A dense, soft short undercoat lies beneath a long, straight harsh outercoat. Puppies are born dark and lighten to their reddish color as they age.

Finnish Spitz are heavy seasonal shedders. They need to be brushed weekly. More so during shedding periods. The Finnish Spitz is a quick learner, but that may not be evident with that independent streak in them. They aren’t difficult to train unless they’re anxious or fearful, then they become really stubborn! When training, be relaxed. A Finnish Spitz will perform readily when they’re comfortable. The best type of training for them is playful and motivational. Train them outside in 2 or 3 15-minute sessions a day. They love to explore, so a new environment can help keep them motivated. They are very sensitive to tones, so don’t yell. Feel free to enlist them in an obedience class.

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