French Bulldog

AKC Group: Non-sporting

The common origin story of the French Bulldog: During the industrial revolution, workers from Nottingham, England moved to France in search of work. They brought with them their mini Bulldogs. In France, these dogs mixed with the native Terrier Boule and the French Bulldog was born.

Size: 11 to 13 inches tall; 22 to 28 pounds

Color: Brindle; fawn; white; brindle and white.

Life span: 10 to 12 years

Health problems: Over-exertion can lead to respiratory problems (they have a short muzzle). Their short coat can leave them vulnerable during extreme temperatures. Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, elongated soft palate, spinal problems, luxating patella, cataracts, allergies, thyroid problems.

The French Bulldog is a small, chunky built dog with a pug-like face. He looks grumpy with his turned down mouth. This is, by far, not an indicator of his personality. His eyes convoy the intelligence, eagerness and mischievousness that is part of his personality. His coat is short, smooth and lays close to his body.

Underneath what little hair he has is an affectionate, lively, playful little dog. He loves people, loves to be involved in all family aspects and loves life itself. Humorous, entertaining, dependable, sociable and sweet natured: He may be a small dog, but he’s all personality! Puppies are especially playful and energetic. As he grows, he does calm down; don’t fret. He should always maintain a playful side though. A sensitive dog, he can also be stubborn at times. They love kids and other companion animals. With strangers, he may be friendly or naturally reserved. A French Bulldog can make a good watchdog. If he senses danger, he won’t hesitate to sound the alarm. If you have a pool, be careful: French Bulldogs cannot swim. The only thing your French Bulldog will not — and should not — join in on is exercise time. When they get worn out they may not know to stop and can develop respiratory problems when exerted.

Brush him occasionally to keep his coat glossy. Clean out his skin folds and wrinkles. Check that his ears are clean and dry. Unfortunately, training won’t be so easy. You will have to learn how to be more stubborn than him! Crate training is suggested. Since they don’t like to take orders, even crating should take a good four (or more) months. French Bulldogs are easily distracted, so keeping his attention can feel impossible. You’ll need to find a supply of patience. Your French Bulldog needs to learn basic commands. Puppy classes are a great starting point. He’ll get to socialize and learn basic social skills and manners. All males should be neutered. This can make housebreaking easier. Begin all training as a puppy. Other skills your French Bulldog may need include not jumping on guests, not to play in the trash and that laundry is not a chew toy.