Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen
AKC Group: Miscellaneous
Like all basset breeds, the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen descended from hounds of superior size, most specifically in this case, the Grand Griffon. They were used to hunt hare.
Size: 15 to 17 inches tall; 40 to 45 pounds
Color: Black with tan markings; fawn with white markings; fawn with black markings; tricolor.
Life span: 12 years
Health problems: The common issues afflicting Basset Griffon Vendeen are reproductive, dermatologic and aural.
Taller than most Bassets, there are four closely related breeds of Griffon Vendeen: the Grand Basset, the Petite Basset, the Grand and the Briquet. The Grand Basset is the tallest. They have short heads and low-set long ears. A short muzzle, a long, stocky body, a saber-shaped tail, a heavy moustache and eyebrows complete their look. The Grand Basset has a dense, bushy double coat that needs brushing and combing to prevent mats. Their coat does not need to be trimmed.
The Grand Basset retains their puppy-like look for an entire lifetime; their tails always seem to be wagging. They are happy, outgoing, independent dogs who are willing to please and are generally well behaved. They are alert, decisive, courageous, good natured, enthusiastic little dogs. Some may be snappy. They like to dig, so provide an outlet. They like kids, but tend to be extremely vocal. The natural hunting instincts are strong, so they may not make a great rodent animal companion.
Grand Bassets are difficult to train since they are naturally independent and possess a singular mindedness. Enlist some help unless you have a lot of experience with independent-minded canines.

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