AKC Group: Hound
One of the most ancient breeds of dog, the Greyhound can be traced to almost every continent on the globe. Greyhounds were first brought to America in the 1500s by Spanish explorers to guard, hunt, intimidate and punish their enemies (in those days that would be the Indians). The name “greyhound” is thought to derive from Graius, meaning Grecian; Old British word Grech or Greg meaning dog or from the color of the breed itself. The Greyhound is also the fastest breed of dog.
Size: 17 to 30 inches; 60 to 70 pounds.
Color: Solid black, gray, red or fawn; brindle or spotted.
Life span: 10 to 13 years.
Health problems: Thyroid problems, bloat, progressive retinal atrophy, digestive problems, bleeding disorders and allergies to drug or chemicals.
Agile, graceful and determined, the greyhound had been used for many years and prized for their speed. Friendly and gentle, a Greyhound makes a lovely companion. They are sweet and sensitive and loves the peace and quiet with the companionship of his beloved family. However, the Greyhound is not a clingy companion; they retain an independent spirit. They will need to run a few times a week. What they don’t need is excessive exercise time. They get along great with children, though they prefer older, considerate children. They do well with companion animals, though they may chase. (Try to socialize that out of him.) With strangers, a Greyhound is polite but reserved. Look out for your Greyhound to steal toys and food. Always approach him with calm, positive training methods.
The Greyhound is a large, svelte, graceful dog with a long, thin muzzle. His coat is fine and lays close to his body. An occasional brushing will keep his coat sleek and clean. Greyhound have been described as “catlike,” so approach training with a sense of humor — and expect a challenge. His prey drive is awesome. Walking off-leash should always be forbidden. Organized course events are a great way to channel their love of speed.

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