Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

AKC Group: Sporting
Vizslas began to come to fruition in the 1930s. Some Vizslas had thicker coats giving them better protection in cover and water. One of these thick coated dogs was crossed with a German Wirehaired Pointer. This breed has two cousins: the Smooth Vizsla and the rare longhaired Vizsla. Longhaired Vizslas can come from either the Smooth or Wire coats.
Size: 21 to 25 inches high; 40 to 60 pounds
Color: Russet gold. Small white marks on the chest or feet are allowed.
Life span: 12 to 15 years
Health problems: Prone to hip dysplasia, cancer, epilepsy, thyroid disorders or von Willebrand’s disease.
The Wirehaired Vizsla is an expressive, gentle, loving canine. Highly trainable, the Vizsla requires plenty of mental stimulation everyday. This will help to stave off boredom and destructiveness. They also require a firm, calm, patient handler otherwise they can become extremely stubborn. They do great with kids and love to play for hours at a time. Without enough exercise, a Vizsla can become too boisterous for youngsters. They adore other dogs. Socialize them as early as possible to people, places, noises and other animals to help bring out the best of your Vizsla’s personality. Obedience training is a must. Training a Vizsla is easy when you can get him to understand exactly what you want from him. Always be sure that your Vizsla sees you as the Pack Leader.
These hunting dogs have a lean build and look robust. Tails may be docked to three-fourths of its original length. The Vizsla coat is harsh, hard, but loose-fitting and has no natural gloss. Brush him with a firm bristle brush. Dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe with mild soap only when necessary. Keep his nails trimmed.

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