Irish Terrier

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AKC Group: Terrier
One of the most beloved breeds, the Irish Terrier descended from Cork County, Ireland. They are believed to be one of the oldest breeds of terrier at around 2,000 years old. Paintings date back to the 1700s. They were used to hunt and kill rodents. They also briefly worked at wartime messengers.
Size: 14 to 18 high; 22 to 30 pounds
Color: Solid red, golden red, red wheaten or wheaten.
Life span: 12 to 14 years
Health problems: Irish Terriers may suffer from allergies, eye problems or urinary stones.
Loyal and friendly, an Irish Terrier is also very determined and territorial. Spirited, courageous, Irish Terriers have plenty of energy and can fill any role — watchdog, companion or pet. He needs a lot of exercise and thrives on physical stimulation and attention to stave off boredom and destruction. An Irish Terrier is a jumper, digger, chaser and a barker. If you’ve ever shared your life with an Irish Terrier, you know that his favorite game is fetch. One person your Irish Terrier won’t love is a stranger. With other pets, he may try to dominate them (he truly doesn’t realize he’s not a Great Dane) or worse, be aggressive. If someone tries to stand up to his bullying, there’s going to be a giant fight. To keep the peace, socialize early. With kids, an Irish Terrier does well, especially if the children are gentle and considerate. Training-wise with you, he can become stubborn and over-confident, though they are very intelligent and trainable. Employ firmness and start as soon as he comes home. Irish Terriers have a strong protective instinct and will require much — and early — socialization. Never allow biting or nipping. Provide him an outlet to dig and chase, but be aware, he may always chase the local wildlife no matter how much you give him another outlet. If you’re ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat, don’t feel like a failure, Irish Terriers are easier to deal with if a professional lays down the basics.
Irish Terriers have long, slightly rectangular muzzles. A medium-sized dog, they have a sturdy build and an inquisitive expression. They have a wiry, harsh textured coat. They have small, folded ears that fall forward near the top of their head. Brush and comb him weekly. He may need to be clipped every few months. Check his ears and teeth for signs of infection. With proper grooming, Irish Terriers are low shedders.

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