Oriental Longhair

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The Oriental Longhair is a svelte cat. Fine-boned, elongated and lithe, Oriental Longhairs are a bag of muscles. The head is a long, tapered wedge. The ears are very large and pointed. The neck is slender. Legs are long and thin. The tail is also long and tapers to a point. Eyes are almond-shaped and blue, green or odd eyed. Eye color depends on the coat color and pattern. Males weigh 7 to 10 pounds, females are 5 to 8 pounds.
An Oriental Longhair coat is medium in length, silky to the touch and lays close to the body. The tail plumage is lush and feathery — much longer than the hair on the body. Colors and patterns are too numerous to name, so they are divided into classes of shaded, smoke, parti-color, tabby, pointed, bicolor and solid patterns. However, solid ebony, pure white and some tabby patterns are the most popular colors/patterns.
The Oriental Longhair is a rare breed. He’s a good fit for you if you’re looking for a svelte cat with the talkative temperament of the Siamese with the look of a Balinese. Oriental Longhairs are essentially a branch of the Siamese, but isn’t limited to the short hair, color point patterns and few choices of color. The breed was developed from their shorthaired counterparts. Fanciers wanted a long-haired version. In the late 1970s, Oriental Shorthairs were crossed with Balinese (another longhaired Siamese descendent) and the Oriental Longhair was achieved.
An Oriental Longhair will most likely be under your feet — all the time. You will definitely need a tall cat tree, unless you want your Oriental Longhair on high furniture. Their activity level, playfulness, curiosity and intelligence makes it hard for them to stay out of closed spaces. They abhor closed doors, especially when they know that you are on the other side of that door. Oriental Longhairs are extreme people cats with a wholly trusting nature and they tend to bond closely with one person. They will be friendly with their entire family, but you’ll know who his favorite person is. He will spend most of his time with that person and eagerly await the arrival home. Once his bond is formed, he will trust you completely. If he’s left alone too long or doesn’t receive enough attention, he will become unhappy and depressed. An Oriental Longhair is also a snuggler. If you want a lap cat, look no further. These guys are Velcro cats!
The Oriental Longhair has developed a reputation for being demanding, noisy and mischievous, which is all true and endears them to their fanciers. (While “noisy,” Oriental Longhairs have a softer, milder tone than their Siamese cousin.) They love nothing more than rehashing the day with their favorite person and are never at a loss for topics of conversation. They are also extremely sensitive to your tones; harsh words and mannerisms will hurt their feelings. Remember, this is such a trusting soul!

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