Japanese Chin

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AKC Group: Toy
It’s unclear whether the Japanese Chin is indeed from Japan or China (Chin). What is somewhat clearer is that Portuguese sailors introduced the breed to Europe in the 1600s. An American naval officer, Commodore Perry, made the breed extremely popular in England in 1853 by giving Queen Victoria a breeding pair. He also gave a breeding pair to the President of the United States.
Size: 8 to 11 inches tall; 4 to 15 pounds
Color: Black and white; red and white; tri-color (black, tan and white).
Life span: 10 to 12 years
Health problems: Chemical and drug sensitivities, susceptibility to heatstroke, respiratory problems, luxating patella, seizures, cataracts or progressive retinal atrophy.
The Japanese Chin is gentle and affectionate, playful and spirited; essentially, a small dog with a big personality. They love to give and receive attention. They love cuddling time and will not do well with someone who has little time to devote to them. They like to climb, so I hope you like a dog on the furniture. He prefers older, more considerate children. With guests, expect him to be aloof or nervous. With other companion animals, he does very well. Exercise needs are low. As long as you have a yard, he’ll be content. (They can do well in an apartment, just make sure he gets out for some play.) Highly intelligent and eager to please, training shouldn’t be too strenuous. Begin as early as you can especially with socialization.
Small, cute and compact, a Japanese Chin has a long, soft, straight coat that is thick and normally black and white. Long, silky ears frame his sweet face. He has a short muzzle. The tail is a feathered plume. Brush him twice weekly (more often when he’s shedding). They normally always shed, but also shed seasonally. Trim his bottom hair as needed and ensure his ears are clean and dry.

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