Kai Ken

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AKC Group: Foundation Stock Service
The Kai started out as a wild dog of Japan that lived in the mountains. A natural hunter, Kais have been known to swim and climb trees in pursuit of game. They were first used to track deer and wild boar. They were first brought to the U.S. in the 1950s by servicemen in the military. The next known arrival of Kai was in the 1990s. There are two types of Kai: the Kaikuro is a thick, stockier dog with more of a bear face. The Dairo has a thinner, longer body with more of a fox-like face. In Japan, they no longer distinguish between the types.
Size: 17 to 22 inches high; 25 to 55 pounds.
Color: Black brindle, gray brindle or red brindle.
Life span: 12 to 15 years
Health problems: Watch for progressive retinal atrophy or hip dysplasia.
A Kai Ken is an extremely devoted dog and require as much love and attention from you. They do best when kept indoors. Kais are extremely intelligent and learn quickly. Early socialization is extremely important to expose him to different people, places and situations. This will help to stave off timidity.
Kais are medium sized dogs with a wedge shaped head and prick ears. The tail can be curled over the back or carried in a sickle position. Their coat is medium length and harsh in texture. Brush his coat once or twice a week to minimize shedding. His coat may also require clipping.

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