Kerry Blue Terrier

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AKC Group: Terrier
Hailing from the county Kerry region of Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terrier was a mountain dog. The national terrier of Ireland, the Kerry Blue has become Ireland’s symbol. They were used as a farm dog, house guardian, police dog and small game hunter.
Size: 17.5 to 19.5 inches high; 33 to 40 pounds
Color: Young dogs may be very dark blue or have tinges of brown. Mature dogs are any color of blue-gray.
Life span: 12 to 15 years
Health problems: Blood disorders, hip dysplasia, cataracts, benign cysts, skin problems, allergies or thyroid problems.
Kerry Blues are lovable, gentle, sociable dogs that are highly intelligent and have plenty of enthusiasm. They love to play and spend time with their family. If you don’t have the proper time for a dog, a Kerry Blue will become bored and destructive. They do better with an experienced owner as a Kerry Blue can be headstrong and manipulative. Socialize as early as you can so he develops a well balanced personality. They make an effective watchdog. They get along great with gentle children because they don’t like rough handling. A Kerry Blue can be very possessive of their toys and food. They won’t stand down from a challenge from another canine. With other pets they do best when they’ve been socialized properly. They are wary with strangers. Obedience should only take
him a few weeks to master. They enjoy a challenge and can pick up new tricks after a few sessions. They have difficulty with inconsistency. Be consistent with what you expect and establish a routine. Try to train in the same location. As much as you can, incorporate play into a training session. A Kerry Blue responds to body language and tone. Praise and give plenty of physical attention. If they misbehave, correct immediately. Short sessions (5 to 10 minutes once or twice a day) work best for them.
Born black, the Kerry Blue coat develops into its blue/gray color by a year to a year and a half. Their coat is wavy and soft. And that beard!! This is a stand out dog. Medium sized, a Kerry Blue has a robust, sturdy build. Brush and comb on a weekly basis. Don’t forget his beard hair — that should be brushed daily. Trim his bottom hair and clip the hair on his head once a month. The coat on his body will need to be clipped and scissor trimmed as needed. Ensure his ears are clean and dry. When he’s being groomed properly, a Kerry Blue is a low shedder.

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