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AKC Group: Working
The Komondor has an intertwined history with the Puli breed. It is thought that they descended from Tibetan dogs. They were used to guard sheep during the night. Some researchers believe Komondors came to Hungary from the nomadic Magyars, while others say the Cumans. (Koman-dor means dog of the Cumans.) The earliest reference to a Komondor is from the 16th century.
Size: 20 to 25 inches high; over 100 to 125 pounds
Color: White
Life span: 10 to 12 years
Health problems: Bloat, hip dysplasia, entropion, cataracts, drug or chemical sensitivity and low metabolism.
Komondors are a loyal, dignified, protective breed. He is devoted to his family and protective of all the members. This can lead him to be overprotective around strangers: adults, children or animals. Independent and self reliant, energetic and playful, a Komondor calms down as they mature. They get bored with routine and need a variety of mental and physical stimulation. A Komondor needs a secure, safe area in which to exercise. They can be territorial and determined, training can be a difficult undertaking. He needs a confident, assertive, positive owner. You should also have enough time and energy to be able to devote to him. If you need to go with a professional trainer, it’s okay; this can be a very difficult breed to train. The risk of him attacking an animal or a person is always there. Though they are smart, they get bored so easily. Proper obedience will go a long way with him. A Komondor is not recommended for those with small children or other companion animals.
The Komondor is an unusual looking dog. They are gigantic. Powerful and muscular, their coat is corded to resemble a string mop. The cording covers his entire body. He also has a double coat. His cords will need to be separated at several week intervals for trimming and clipping. Bathing can take up to 2 hours to ensure each cord is washed properly. Drying will then take 24 to 48 hours. His coat will need to be cleaned regularly as it is so easy for him to pick up debris. On the whole, a Komondor is a low shedder.

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