Lagotto Romagnolo
AKC Group: Sporting
The Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient Italian breed known for water retrieving in the lowlands of Comacchio and the marshlands of Ravenna. Over time, the marshlands have been drained and the Lagotto has been repurposed to dig out truffles. (The only dog breed recognized for this purpose.) The Lagotto seems especially up to this task thanks to their highly developed sense of smell and high ability to concentrate.
Size: 16 to 19 inches high; 24 to 35 pounds
Color: Solid colors of white, off white or brown; white with brown, orange or roan patches
Life span: About 16 years
Health problems: Hip dysplasia, benign juvenile epilepsy or cerebral anomaly have occasionally been noted.
The Lagotto breed is loyal, keen and affectionate. They are easy to train and grow very attached to their family. When properly socialized, they get along with other canines and companion animals. They need plenty of exercise and they need to use that highly developed brain of theirs; this is a dog that needs to work, they need a job or a task to do at all times. When he isn’t busy enough, he will find other things to do and you don’t want this dog to choose his activity. When all things are going smoothly, the Lagotto makes an excellent family companion. Training-wise, make sure you employ a firm, calm manner.
The Lagotto is a small to medium sized dog. Squarely built, a Lagotto is a bundle of muscle. The head is big and sits upon a powerful neck. The eyes are big and round. The woolly coat is dense and curly. The denseness protects him from thorns in those bushes while searching for truffles. The droopy ears are triangular with rounded tips. Their coat does mat easily and needs to be combed regularly. Lagottos shed little to no hair.

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