Cats and Their Old Nemesis: Water

Some cats — well, most cats — loathe water. Here’s some proof from InstaVidz. I love the fifth clip with the three cats around the tub. As soon as the one falls in, the other two quickly abandon ship. Don’t help or anything!! lol 😉

Cutest Cats Compilation

If you need a huge dose of cuteness in your day, check out this cute compilation video of kitties. I personally adore the kitten in the second video. What is he dreaming about?

This video is from Funny Pet Videos, and you can easily upload a video of your  own pet(s) and see if they get used in your future videos. 🙂

Russian Blue

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The Russian Blue has a short, dense inner coat with an outer coat to protect it. This dense coat evolved naturally as the breed evolved in the arctic tundra. Their is only one true coat
color as their name suggests. The Russian Blue has long guard hairs with clear tips that refract light.
Their shimmery coat covers a small- to medium-sized body. A wedge-shaped head has high cheekbones. This gives the breed a pleasing expression and an almost perma-smile. All Russian Blues have green eyes.
The Russian Blue is not an overly needy cat, but they do need someone to love. Once they decide you’re their “one,” they are completely devoted to you and even respond to your moods. One
unique aspect of their personality is they are pretty quiet. They only speak (quite softly) when they need to. They also take a while to warm up to strangers. This has earned the breed the nickname “Most Shy.”
Another thing Russian Blues love is playtime. You can teach them pretty much any trick you can teach a dog. They adore fetch. They will probably tire of the game long after you will. Russian Blues are timid, quiet, gentle, attentive, adoring cats.