Cooper’s Snake’s Operation

Cooper's snake

Cooper loves his squeaky snake toy. His Mommy noticed some of the seams were starting to go so she decided to stitch it back together. Ever the “helper,” Cooper put his head on Mom’s lap to watch the “operation.” When finished, she told him, “Okay, he’s all better now.” Ever so gently, Cooper pulled the 2 foot snake toy off her lap. He sniffed it all over — to ensure his squeaker friend was alright? — and resumed play. Such a sensitive boy!

Cooper’s Collection

This past summer, Cooper and his family went camping in McGregor Point Provincial Park. Tethered on a rope between two trees, he was able to run the entire back of the campsite. There was a small ditch that ran behind the site as well and it was filled with small branches and twigs. Over the 5 day trip, Cooper pulled out every stick from the ditch that he could find. Interestingly, he was very neat about it. His collection was divided into 4 different piles. He would chew on his find for a couple of minutes then add it to a pile. If you took one, he would try everything he could to get the stick back, either by barking at you or he’d sneak up behind you. Then once he had his stick back  it was again added to his collection.

Cooper's sticks Cooper looking

Cooper’s Drinking “Problem”

Cooper looking

1-year-old Cooper is still so very curious. He’s still very much interested in the new things and situations around him. Cooper is a Brittany spaniel, originally bred to hunt birds, he loves to chase bugs and birds. One thing you can always count on is a laugh and here’s the latest way he keeps his parents laughing. When Mom waters her flowers, Cooper follows behind to lap at the can’s spout at each planter.

Cooper and Horton Help Out Mom


Cooper and Horton’s mommy is not a professional or accomplished seamstress, but she can pull out her sewing machine when the creative juices call. Recently she decided that Cooper needed a new camping bed (Horton’s bed has already been made). The raw material was too large for the work table as it kept falling over the edges, so she moved to the floor so it would all lay flat. But by doing that both dogs decided they needed to help. Cooper would lay in the middle of the project, which turned out to be a good thing because it showed that the bed was the perfect fit for his now full grown length. Horton came over and stood between her and the material. Despite shooing them away, they kept returning.

Cooper Reflects on His First Year

Snowy Cooper
I recently had my very first birthday. My Mom gave me a big bone and a hug. She makes me happy. It did get me thinking about the past year I have had….
When I was small I remember meeting my people parents for the first time, I was sooo excited to meet them that I ran right up to the man and nibbled his toes; I wanted them to pick me over my puppy sister and brothers because I knew these were my people. (It worked too because they picked me.)
My people parents are awesome! They always say how cute I am. I am a beautiful boy, my mommy says. My daddy is a bit more strict with rules but I have learned that if I look at him with my eyes he can’t be mad at me anymore. They play with me all the time with all my toys. I go for walks with them; some are long and some are short. I love car rides now that I am old enough to look out the window (but only when we drive slow). I can smell so many different things when I sniff out of them and my ears flap in the breeze.
My big brother Horton is now my best buddy. He didn’t like me much when I first got here. But I grew on him. Now we play all the time. Plus I learned how to get him going just right. I do tend to tease him just a little bit. I have other play buddies too. Lego comes to stay with us sometimes; he was bigger than me last summer but now that I am all growed up, I can have more fun with him now. Mindy and Marvin are my camping friends, I can’t wait until we go camping together again.
I went to the vet doctor a few times to for my vaccinations, to get…what was the word they used … neutered.  A while ago my ears got really sore and we had to go see the vet doctor again. The doctor also took my blood for a heartworm test. I didn’t like that; it hurt!
Overall I had a great first year. I’ve learned so many things and seen a lot of different stuff. I’m as happy as can be with my daddy, mommy and Horton.

Cooper and Mama Cardinal

Cooper’s family has a pair of cardinals nesting in the bush outside their dining room window. A set of stairs comes down from the deck that Cooper and Horton use to get down to the grass. (Picture this: Dining room window, a bush, stairs down to the grass.) Therefore, the pair of dogs run down the stairs several times a day. The female cardinal has been there for (at least) the past week and a half.  Neither Cooper nor Horton have seen the cardinal or haven’t paid any attention to her if they have seen her. On Tuesday (April 29) she flew out of her nest and Cooper saw her do so…
Now Cooper heads for the bush to sniff all around. He will jump up on the railing and bark. But Momma cardinal stays still, not moving a muscle. She is currently still laying on her eggs and hopefully by the time the babies arrive Cooper will have found something else that will capture his interest.

Cooper’s “Ruff” Week

Cooper sick
Cooper had a “ruff” week. He was scratching at his ears and shaking his head a lot. Off to the vet he went. It was a good thing his vet was able to see him so quickly because his ears were really warm and extra sensitive to the touch. Poor little guy.
His vet gently swabbed his ears and it turned out that poor Cooper had a yeast infection in both ears. His ears then got a good cleaning and his family was sent home with some drops. By that evening, Cooper was already feeling better as evidenced by the fact that he was running around chasing after his big brother Horton.