Horton’s Smile

Horton's tongue

Horton recently needed to have some dental work done. He required a teeth cleaning and, unfortunately, some extractions too. With a heavy heart, his Mom took him in for his surgery and his Dad was to pick him up later that day. Poor Horton ended up losing most of the teeth on the right side of his mouth including the 2 fangs on the top and bottom. These teeth are especially important as they keep the tongue in the mouth. If you see Horton on the street, please don’t be offended that he’s sticking his tongue out at you (he can’t help it).

It took Horton a few weeks to get back to his normal self and to eat dry food again. (Though he occasionally has trouble cleaning up all his kibble.)

(Look closely in the photo, can you see Horton’s tongue?)

How Horton Beats the Heat

Horton's down

On an unseasonably warm April afternoon, while out for a walk in a Provincial Park, Horton must have been a little bit too warm. As he and his family were walking back to the parking lot; a car approached them from behind so they moved over to the shoulder of the road. The water in the small ditch beside the road must have looked inviting to Horton because he laid right down in it. They gave Horton a few minutes to cool off before heading to the car.

Cooper and Horton Help Out Mom


Cooper and Horton’s mommy is not a professional or accomplished seamstress, but she can pull out her sewing machine when the creative juices call. Recently she decided that Cooper needed a new camping bed (Horton’s bed has already been made). The raw material was too large for the work table as it kept falling over the edges, so she moved to the floor so it would all lay flat. But by doing that both dogs decided they needed to help. Cooper would lay in the middle of the project, which turned out to be a good thing because it showed that the bed was the perfect fit for his now full grown length. Horton came over and stood between her and the material. Despite shooing them away, they kept returning.

Cooper Reflects on His First Year

Snowy Cooper
I recently had my very first birthday. My Mom gave me a big bone and a hug. She makes me happy. It did get me thinking about the past year I have had….
When I was small I remember meeting my people parents for the first time, I was sooo excited to meet them that I ran right up to the man and nibbled his toes; I wanted them to pick me over my puppy sister and brothers because I knew these were my people. (It worked too because they picked me.)
My people parents are awesome! They always say how cute I am. I am a beautiful boy, my mommy says. My daddy is a bit more strict with rules but I have learned that if I look at him with my eyes he can’t be mad at me anymore. They play with me all the time with all my toys. I go for walks with them; some are long and some are short. I love car rides now that I am old enough to look out the window (but only when we drive slow). I can smell so many different things when I sniff out of them and my ears flap in the breeze.
My big brother Horton is now my best buddy. He didn’t like me much when I first got here. But I grew on him. Now we play all the time. Plus I learned how to get him going just right. I do tend to tease him just a little bit. I have other play buddies too. Lego comes to stay with us sometimes; he was bigger than me last summer but now that I am all growed up, I can have more fun with him now. Mindy and Marvin are my camping friends, I can’t wait until we go camping together again.
I went to the vet doctor a few times to for my vaccinations, to get…what was the word they used … neutered.  A while ago my ears got really sore and we had to go see the vet doctor again. The doctor also took my blood for a heartworm test. I didn’t like that; it hurt!
Overall I had a great first year. I’ve learned so many things and seen a lot of different stuff. I’m as happy as can be with my daddy, mommy and Horton.

Horton at the Beach

Horton is not much of a swimmer, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have fun at the beach. He will usually chase sticks, dig in the sand or “play” with the other dogs. If other dogs are chasing sticks that get thrown into the water, Horton waits on shore; then latches on to the other dog’s stick and attempts to steal it as the dog comes on shore; yes, he plays dirty. If he gets too hot, he digs a hole under Mom’s beach chair (especially while she’s in it) to lay underneath. All the while, he still ventures out to the beach to try to steal sticks and balls from his beach buddies, yapping the entire time. Then returns to the hole beneath the beach chair.

To enjoy the water, Dad will carry Horton out to the water. After Dad puts him in, Horton kicks his feet and swims back to shore. Once he is wet, he will rub on everything. (He does this after a bath at home too.) Unlike humans, he doesn’t mind being covered in sand (see photo below). When it’s time to go home, Horton has to get one last dunk (to clean him off) and get towel dried. His parents prefer that the sand stays at the beach. 😉

Sandy Horton

Horton’s Routines

GHorton small

Horton thrives on routine: breakfast and dinner are always served to him after he comes in from his morning business and around 5pm in the afternoon. Horton has a pillow that he sleeps on in the center of his parents’ bed. If you think you can sleep in, Horton has a different idea…Slowly from the end of the bed, he will travel up the length of Mom’s legs until he reaches her face and slowly licks her face. Always Mom’s, never Dad’s. (Horton is Mommy’s baby). Once you get up and he comes in again, you ask him “Are you hungry?” and he does his backward dance to his food bowl.

​At dinner time, he gets up and about at 4 o’clock and will stare at you and sit directly in front of whatever you are doing at the time. Every once in a while he will go up and nudge or paw at your knee as if to ask, “Do you know what time it is?” or to say, “I’m hungry.” H​​orton is patient; he will do this until you feed him. Then he will go back to napping or playing.  If dinner is late for some reason, he will stare you down until he gets a full belly.

Horton’s welcome home: He knows what time his parents are due home from work. He sits and watches the door, and every once in a while, runs to the windows to check for their cars to turn into the driveway.

Cooper vs. Horton For the Bed

Cooper has a new habit, and in the process has found a new hold over Horton.

In their home are two doggie beds, one for each of them. The bigger one is supposed to be for Cooper, however, there used to be no set preference by either dog until lately…

Horton will be curled up in one of the beds; Cooper will begin to bark at Horton like he does when he wants to play in his praying/bowing position (see below) . Cooper continues to bark until Horton jumps out his bed to chase him. Cooper instead heads in the opposite direction, does an about turn and takes up residence in the bed vacated by Horton. Does Cooper simply like having a warm bed or is he just teasing Horton? What do you think? (By the way, poor Horton just curls up in the other bed and goes to sleep.)

Cooper bowing2 poor Horton