The Bah Humbug! Cats

We all know that cats are fascinating creatures and that whatever they choose to do is because they are choosing to do it. They would never succumb to doing something simply because you want them to. I love that independence about cats. But this year, the cats have me stymied.

Like almost every other cat on the planet, they are fascinated by the tree, especially those beautiful decorations that seem to scream: “NEW TOYS!!” Every day you would come home and a decoration would be on the floor. You’d dutifully put it back on the tree and the next day, there was a new ornament off the tree. Sigh.

The presents. Like with children, the cats are fascinated by what’s under that paper. They seem to think that the presents must be impenetrable for the recipient so they give them a starting point. And, don’t even think about putting a bow on a present! If there’s a bow on it, you’re going to have to re-wrap the whole thing.

The tree itself: mmmm, yummy, let’s lick it! Under the tree would be all the fake “needles.”

Fast forward to this Christmas. There is one holdout with a Christmas tree fascination (kinda). The tree has been up for about a month. Socks has knocked one ornament off ONCE. She batted at the tree ONCE (without knocking anything off). She licked the tree ONCE. What is going on here? Is the tree offensive this year? Is it not as tasty? There aren’t new decorations and none of them were taken away. So confusing!

What they love to do is lay under the tree. Every one of them has done it. (Unfortunately, Peanut has only curled up for a nap once so there’s no photographic evidence, but there was a visual sighting.) Below are pictures of Nose and Pippy (in that order) under the tree. Pippy seems the most enamored with it. Of course, it’s in the spot where his scratcher used to be.

Since they don’t seem bothered by the tree, a fake present was wrapped up and placed under the tree to see how it would fare. Socks batted at it ONCE. Nothing since. The real presents were wrapped up this past Wednesday and placed under it in such a fashion that they still have room to lay under the other side of the tree where they like to be. Happily, the presents are still intact, no teeth marks or “starting points” given. I don’t get it.

Perhaps this Christmas is proof to all of you out there that have to endure your own Christmas-loving cat’s behavior that, as a cat ages, they grow out of it. Maybe the cats just aren’t feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Bah Humbug?

IMG_0780  IMG_0800

The Weekend Fight For the Blankets

On two separate occasions over the weekend, both Peanut and Pippy were engaged in battles for a blanket. First up was Pippy on Saturday. Peanut and Socks were lying on the biggest blankets and normally it’s Pippy and Socks that lay there. Pippy wasn’t very happy that Peanut was in his place. You could tell by the look on his face that he wanted Peanut’s blanket and was prepared to fight for it. (Peanut was oblivious to this as she was fast asleep!) Pippy got told to not “even think about it!” and he slunk away miserable. On Sunday, looking for a comfortable place to sleep was confronted with Pippy and Socks on the large blankets and Nose on the smaller one (I don’t understand how the biggest cat ends up with the smallest blanket….). Peanut put her paws up on the couch and looked up and down the line of blankets several times before she stalked away (if she were capable she would have shrugged and walked away sighing), also miserable.

Below is Peanut (top) on a large blanket and Pippy (below) on the small blanket.



The Cats’ Murder Attempt

I can’t say for sure which cat it was, but last Saturday morning they decided to celebrate Halloween a little early with a murder attempt…of a toe.

Thursday night into Friday morning, one of them knocked the phone off the hook. When the buzzing sounded, got up and put the phone back where it belonged. They did it again…and again. Finally got up and the problem was solved.

The next evening, that offending scamp did it again. Well, the second time it happened, furious, shot up like a bullet and stomped over to the phone after nailing Socks’ floor sitting scratcher. The pinky toe instantly bruised and, technically, is still a little sore. Undeterred, about fifteen or twenty minutes later, that cat (who is it so they can be yelled at??) knocked that darn phone off the hook again!!!!

I wish I could say Saturday evening into Sunday the cat(s) stopped, but, nope. Another three times. Interestingly, the phone has been left alone all week.

All I can say is: Huh?? I don’t get it. The only thing I know for sure is that the offender was not Peanut.

The Cats Get Their Own Blankets

None of the cats — Nose, Pippy, Peanut or Socks were ever really interested in laying on blankets before. And don’t even bother trying to get them to lay on their own bed — they won’t even give you the satisfaction of sniffing and considering using a bed. Snobs! So I was surprised to see this happen:


(from left to right is Socks, Nose and Pippy)

Peanut has been on the same blanket as well. I’m shocked. Why all of the sudden do they like blankets?

Since one isn’t enough, this happened:


Yep, had to get a new blanket for them. These cats are spoiled!

Socks’ Commentary on Her Mom’s Schedule


Socks’ mom is a very busy lady. Socks is a very loving cat. Her mom calls her the Greeter and Socks loves attention. Whenever Mom lays down on the sofa, no matter whether it’s for a long or short length of time, Socks just has to curl up beside Mom for a cuddle. This happens at nighttime too, though Socks doesn’t spend the entire night next to her mom. Socks is such a sweetheart!!

The Cats’ Visit to the Vet

Flea Nose

The cats recently went to the vet’s to get weighed.

The results were good!

Pippy and Socks have stayed the same, which is good, neither of them needed to lose any weight.

Nose (see above) lost a pound which is great because he needed to lose some weight. See photo below to see how Nose looks now.

Peanut lost about a pound too, which isn’t necessarily good, she needed to lose a little, but maybe not that much….