Here is a list of “Meow Barkers” stars. Come back on a regular basis to hear about what our favorite stars are up to. Check out their antics in the category section under their name.




“Socks” is an 11-year-old female domestic short-haired Tuxedo cat. The story of Socks and her brood is an interesting one. Shortly after the death of Beagle dog Sarah, remaining inhabitant Shortie, was missing a playmate. Socks was called on to fill that void. And, boy did she ever! Acquired at approximately a year old, Socks seemed to be expanding each day (if you get my drift). Wondering, “Could she be pregnant?”, but mistakenly believing she was too young, soon after Miss Socks gave birth to three kittens! That’s the story of how one cat became four. It also seems like a fitting reminder in life to be careful what you wish for.

Socks has always (and will always be) quite the social butterfly. If she were human, her ideal job would be as a Wal-Mart greeter. She greets any visitor with gusto and loves attention. If you pet her, be prepared to pet her for your entire visit. She never tires of attention; ever! However, Socks’ real calling is reinforced by her lot in life: she is THE Queen. We all must bow down to her wishes. When she decides to grace the other kitties with her presence, they are truly graced, but when she isn’t in the mood, look out!

For the most part, she gets along with the other cats in the household, she’s very engaging, has a very soft, silky, luxurious coat and is very soft-spoken and “choosingly” vocal. She doesn’t often vocalize unless she’s looking for attention. If you don’t jump right on the attention bandwagon, she will reach out for you. Do you get the recurring theme here? Attention to Socks is key, as in paying attention to her.

Socks is so named because it looks like she is wearing socks.




“Nose” is a 10-year-old domestic short-haired Tuxedo cat. Named for the white spot under his nose, he is very much his mother’s cat. His mother, Socks, is the Queen of the house, while Nose is the king. Looking at his pose in his picture can you see why? Nose loves to lie on top of the couch and look down and survey everything. And, while surveying, he misses nothing. A big cat by nature, for his size, he is very shy.  When a visitor comes, Nose runs and hides. In fact, I don’t think most visitors have ever seen Nose and probably don’t believe he exists, so here is the proof!

Nose’s favorite activity is actually kneading; he literally will knead for 10 minutes and after all that sometimes won’t even lie down. In a human life, Nose would’ve been a baker. I imagine his bread would be famous worldwide, his skills are that accomplished.

The only other thing you need to know about Nose is he knows a trick! When you say “Rub your face”, he will rub his face. It is the most adorable thing! He tries to cheat sometimes and rub it half-heartedly because he just wants his ear scratched. But with persistence, you can get him to really rub his face to which he earns his ear-scratching which is his second favorite thing in the world (behind kneading, that is)! When Nose is rubbing his face and you’re not looking, he will reach for you and do it again. All for the chance to get an additional ear scratch.




“Cooper”, is a Brittany spaniel. He is an awesome puppy! He is very curious, full of energy and, oh so smart. He was born in May of 2013. He’s an adorable little guy with floppy ears and super long legs. He has the most expressive face and “talks” all the time. His owners describe it as a “yodel bark.” Brittany spaniels are generally hunting dogs bred for birding, but for Cooper’s owners, he is their camping companion.

His first camping trip began the day after getting picked up from his breeder (for more information about his trip, check out the post “Cooper’s First Camping Trip”). Since then, Cooper has made several other camping trips with them and the rest of their family.

Everyone comments on how adorable he is. He is nicknamed “the chick magnet”.  He greets everyone with his wiggly little tail. No one could ask for a better puppy!

Cooper is now full grown, very smart and super cute! He is an absolute pleasure, well, most of the time, except when he chews on your slippers. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



This 11-year-old, black miniature Schnauzer is named “Horton”. Horton’s registered name is Timothy Horton the Second. (Yes, after the coffee.) Horton spent much of his life with an Australian Cattle dog named, “Timbit”. (Yes, after the food at the aforementioned coffee place.) Sadly, Horton and his owners had to say goodbye to their beloved friend Timbit in 2012.

Horton’s life could have turned out very differently. He was spoken for by someone else who never came back for him. As luck would have it, his male owner came looking for a pup for his wife. They are very grateful that whomever Horton was supposed to live with didn’t go to pick him up and, in turn, became theirs. He is very much a “Mama’s boy.” Horton has adopted the attitude that nobody hurts my Mom: if someone plays too rough with Mom, Horton comes to her rescue. He is Mommy’s little hero and is definitely a ladies dog.

Horton also loves camping and riding in  a bike basket, he loves walking through the bush and easily picks up the scent of wildlife. When he picks up the scent of something, he will start to tremble with excitement, even if he is in the bike basket. He is never wrong. We have seen moose and deer because of my little tracker. He may be a little guy, but he’s got the best nose.

Winter is not much fun for Horton because he has a terrible time with snowballs during the winter months. His legs, belly and even between his toes just ball right up on the poor guy. Even with booties on, the hair above the bootie with ball up. But Horton is not too bored this winter; he has a new play mate. He wasn’t too keen on this new family member when we first picked “Cooper”, but now they will play like life long buds. (For more on Cooper, see above.)



“Peanut” is a very special kitty indeed.  Peanut is the only cat that Mama Socks (for more on Socks, see her bio above) ever gave birth to that doesn’t closely herself. Peanut also is no longer living with her most cherished owner. Peanut is a 10-year-old domestic short-haired tortoiseshell Tuxedo cat. Peanut was named for her coloring, but her personality fits with her name perfectly. She is such a little Peanut! She’s super loving, loves to rub up against you and loves to get petted, but is naturally shy. Peanut, like her brother Nose (for more on Nose, see his bio above), is never seen by visitors, therefore this blog is evidence of her existence.

Remember that Peanut loves to rub against people? That also applies to things, but she doesn’t head butt, much to the chagrin of her owner. Peanut will head butt things, but not people. (They are trying to work on that, but Peanut is making sure it’s an uphill struggle.)

Peanut loves to play. If a toy is missing in the morning, you can almost guarantee that the culprit was Peanut.




Mr. “Pippy” is the baby of Socks’ (see Socks’ bio above) brood. Pippy is 9 years old and is a domestic short-haired Tuxedo cat. As the baby of the family, he has taken on the personality of most babies of the family. He is a natural clown and lives for attention (though not as much as his mother Socks).  This picture was a testament to his favorite spot in the house, though, nowadays, his habits have changed and he never lies there anymore. However, there may be a reason why his favorite spot has changed. Pippy used to have a best buddy in Boots (for more on Boots, see the Angels section) and they would always lie in the same general area together. In fact, they did most things together. Boots left to take his place in Heaven in the summer of 2013 and Pippy had a very difficult time initially with the loss. He has come back to life, but it’s still obvious that Pippy misses his good buddy.

If Pippy were a human, he would be a race car driver. This is one fast kitty and, Lord have mercy, if you’re in the way when he comes running through! But, hey, he has to keep a trim figure, right? Pippy is also a very good alarm clock, when it’s time to eat, he’s on the bed to let you know. In case you’re wondering, six a.m. is breakfast time without fail. You can sleep in, but he stays on the bed or at least close until you get up and attend to his rumbling stomach.

Pippy is also a sun bather. On the rare occasion that he lies on the bed, he will follow the patch of the sun as it moves across the bed. But, he’s not above lying in a sun patch on the carpet. Pippy has a unique hobby: he’s a dancer (though he does require a partner). He will let you take a paw and move it to the music. I do believe though, that his owner gets more amusement out of this than Pippy does; but he remains a good sport.




Marvin is a lovable 10-year-old Shih Tsu. He has been spending time with his current family for the past seven years and has certainly been enjoying his time. Marvin lives on a farm and this means he has several playmates available to him, since the barn is a common congregational spot for several outdoor kitties. In addition, two indoor kitties have spent time with the family over the years.  Marvin’s favourite activity is chasing kitties since the main kitty in residence wasn’t ever scared of him.  Marvin also spends his time on family vacations and has been a close buddy to one of our other stars, Horton! (For more on Horton, see his bio above.)

After being with his family for six years, Marvin acquired a new sister, Mindy (for more on Mindy, see below). Marvin’s other favourite past time is to sleep, often on his back with all four of his paws in the air. A fun fact about Marvin is he has an extra toe on one of his back paws.




Mindy is a newer addition to her family. Despite being just under a year old she outweighs and outsizes her older brother Marvin (see his bio above), due to being a Border Collie/Coonhound & German Shepard mixed puppy. She is certainly enjoying her first year with them because she gets to go camping, not only with her big brother, but with her cousins Horton and Cooper (see their bios above). Mindy is also a very energetic girl and loves to play with other pups; she will play for hours.  She loves to run around the family’s farm and has made friends with some of the other farm animals in interesting ways.  Over the past winter, she has found some possums to play with. (Her human family has been able to let both parties get free from the “fun” without any damage.) She loves the snow and any kind of toy (which includes her food dish!).


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