Gordon Setter

AKC Group: Sporting
The Gordon Setter came from Scotland in the early 17th century. Duke Alexander the 4th of Gordon popularized the breed. They were used as bird dogs thanks to their terrific sense of smell. They would point to the bird, retrieve it and bring it back to the hunter. They could hunt in poor weather and on land or water. When Pointers came along and exhibited quickness, Gordon Setters fell out of popularity. The Gordon Setter was used to develop the Irish Setter.
Size: 23 to 27 inches; 45 to 80 pounds
Color: Black and tan
Life span: 10 to 12 years
Health problems: Hip dysplasia and eye disorders have been noted.
The Gordon Setter is a loyal and obedient canine. They are polite and sweet-natured. Intelligent, brave, cheerful and affectionate, a Gordon Setter is never wrong about a scent. They need a lot of daily exercise to avoid becoming high-strung. Though they are loyal to their family, they are not fond of strangers. They do well with other pets, unless not properly socialized and trained. A scenter, your Gordon Setter needs a secure fence, otherwise he’ll always be off chasing scents. Puppies are clumsy.
Gordon Setters are active dogs with a strong, short back and a short tail. His head is finely chiseled. The Gordon Setter can have a straight or slightly wavy coat. He will need to be brushed once or twice a week to keep his coat in good condition and to minimize shedding. It may be necessary to clip his coat every so often. Bathe or dry shampoo when necessary. Trim the hair on the bottom of his feet and keep his nails trimmed.
Introduce your Gordon Setter to all situations, people and animals as early as possible. Other animals are important because this will stop him from trying to dominate them later. Though easy to train, they still have a mind of their own. They can have a stubborn streak, so they require a firm handler. If they sense a meekness in you, they’ll become stubborn. You won’t need to dominate him, simply be firm and consistent. Housebreaking can be problematic. Employ the crate method. In all matters, train your Gordon Setter early to avoid bad habits from setting in. Remember it’s easier to prevent negative behaviors than to fix them.